mal Commersol Commodities - Licenses

Buying across the region, with Singapore as our home

Pte Ltd: Incorporated in May 2013, Commersol Commodities is a Singapore-based company with a strong regional presence, specializing in buying and selling metals for commercial use. We trade/ process with a wide variety of scrap metals - ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals - from factories, terminals and off-shore islands. Our work in the scrap metal industry has also awarded us with accolades such as the OSHAS 18001 and BizSafe Star and BizSafe Partner.


Commersol Commodities - Police scrap license- SG

Commersol Commodities has been licensed by National Environment Agency (NEA) the General Waste Collector (GWC) License (Class A)

Commersol Commodities Pte Ltd- GWC Licence 2020

Commersol Commodities Pte Ltd has been licensed by Singapore Food Agency to import processed food products and food appliances

Registration to import processed food products and food appliances


Our second home is in Malaysia

Sdn Bhd: Commersol Commodities Sdn Bhd has been incorporated in August 2013, and we have a warehouse of 28,000 sq ft in Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia.

          Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia - Sijil Akuan Pendaftaran Syarikat (Company Registration Certificate)

         Surat Pengesahan Bagi Syarikat Perkilangan Dikecualikan Daripada Lesen Pengilang (Exemption of Commersol Commodities Sdn Bhd Exempted from Manufacturing’s License )

         Syarat Pengecualian Commersol Commodities

         LAMPIRAN I Commersol Commodities

         Surat Keputusan Commersol Commodities

         Permohonan Untuk Meminda Kod Tarif Bagi Bahan Mantah/Bahagian Komponen Pada Lampiran I Di Dalam Surat Kelulusan Oleh Syarikat COMMERSOL COMMODITIES SDN BHD.

Commersol Commodities - Warehouse in MY